Family Dialogue forum is a work started by  Caleb J. Migombo, A Family Therapist and Faith- Based Counselor who lives and works in the Research Triangle area in North Carolina, U.S.A. The idea to start this forum came about as a response to expressed needs among African families and Faith -Based Communities in the United States.

Although  Caleb oversaw the start of this project, his ideas revolved and changed along the way as he began to have a conversation with other professionals who share similar vision. Clearly this project is far from a finished product, and yet this humble beginning, represents what we hope to accomplish together with you in building healthy and happy families.

The Vision of Family Dialogue is to foster and encourage Couples, Singles, and Families to have  healthy dialogue among themselves on issues they care about deeply. Family Dialogue does so by bringing to you hot topics, allow you to reflect, discuss, ask and share your own experience with all family lovers.

Our goal is to create a community of married couples who want to strengthen their marriage, and a community of single men and women who desire one day to have someone they can call a spouse. Family dialogue is all about family and everything which builds or affects family.

Family dialogue is committed to providing an effective forum where you can learn with others, ask questions, and share your own experiences. We will strive to link you with the best family resources, and provide referral when necessary for your Family Challenges.

The website allows you to join a public discussion if you wish, and contact the moderator directly without revealing your identity to others. The content of this website is intended for everyone who cares and loves family.The contributors write from a Faith-Based, and Christian Perspective.

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